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At Premier Law Firm SEO we believe that ranking your website #1 on Google for relevant search terms is the best and most efficient way for you to get more clients and to grow your revenue. However, optimizing your website for better rankings and a higher visibility on the Internet is always a custom tailored process. Currently, there are more than 200 different factors which Google takes into account to rank websites for specific keywords.

Hence, the best way to identify the full potential, that SEO holds for your particular business is a website audit followed by a strategy session.

First, we will take an in-depth look at your website from an SEO perspective. We will profoundly analyze your market and your competition as well as major On-page and Off-page factors of your site. Another part of this first step is also a thoughtful keyword research.

Next, when we have finished our analysis, we will meet one on one for a face-to-face, online meeting where one of our experts walks you through the results of the audit, answers all your questions and shows you a way to get the best results from SEO.

Your goals

First, we need to understand who you are and what goals you have in mind. The best way to provide this information is to fill in the discovery application below.

Solid Website Audit

After you have provided all the necessary information we will then thoroughly analyze your business and your website. Based on the outcome of our analysis we will recommend a custom tailored strategy to get the best results from SEO.

1:1 online meeting

As soon as we have completed the analysis of your website, one of our SEO Experts will meet with you for a live one-on-one strategy session. On this 30-45 minute call we will walk you through the results of our analysis and layout the strategy to get the best results possible.

Our SEO Services are not for every law firm

At Premier Law Firm SEO we would like to help every legal practice that is asking for our help and expertise. However, since we treat each website that we work on as our own and give each client the attention they deserve, we can always only work for a few select lawyers and attorneys to ensure the greatest success possible.

Since our time and resources are limited, we have to choose the firms we are taking on as a client very carefully. Therefore, we have developed a particular set of criteria potential clients need to meet for us to move forward. Businesses we work with areā€¦

Active & Healthy Legal Practices

We have designed our services specifically for established legal businesses which want to grow even faster.

Firms that are up and running

Your practice or firm is already operating in the market, you are actively advertising your legal services, and you are acquiring new clients and generating sales. Your company doesn’t have to be among the TOP 100 law firms; you just need to be present in your niche.

Solid Legal Services & Businesses

Your practice or firm provides solid legal services and has an excellent reputation. In case we start working together the outcome will not only be a tremendous increase in new clients & sales, but we will also be causing immense goodwill in your target market.

How to move forward…

If you think that we might be a good match, if you would like to learn more about the potential that SEO can unlock for your business, and if you want to speak to us personally to find out how you can achieve remarkable results with SEO, we happily reserve some time for you.

Here is how it works: First, we need to get a precise understanding of your business. Therefore, you need to provide some important details about your company by filling out the questionnaire below.

Based on the information given in this application, we get to know who you are, what your goals are, etc. This information also helps us to analyze the Status Quo of your website and to identify the best keywords that you need to get found for on the Internet. When we are done with our analysis we will come up with a complete strategy an we’ll also be able to give you an estimate about how much this will increase your business.

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